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Be Yourself

I only ask of my guests for one thing: to be themselves. When, some years ago, I first opened Bellaugello, it was the realisation of a dream I had. A unique holiday concept for gay guys. A place where there are no disapproving glances, no need to conceal that instinctive gesture, that oft wanted caress. A place to smile and be happy where likeminded people can forget about pointing fingers and disapproving whispers. A place where all feel at ease and become part of a family that is steadily growing.

I love the scent of the fresh Umbrian air, the healthy breakfasts made with love, the endless summer mornings at the swimming pool, the unexpected small roads that hide an alternative to the beaten path, the golden sunsets from the top of a hill. I want you to come here, stop for a bit, relax and listen to what the silence has to say. I want you to be eager to return the moment we say goodbye. I want you to return, of course, walk through the gate and pick up the conversation right where we left it.

Bellaugello shares its way of life with more and more people looking for a vision, the same vision: to be ourselves.

About your host


Falling in love with Umbria is easy, maybe too easy for a guy like me. What’s more difficult is to get over it, but I don’t think that ever happens. My love affair with this magical land began many years ago. Back then in the UK, I was an hotelier, and long dreamt of making Umbria my home, a home open to accept anyone, regardless of their background or sexuality. A gay country house where gay guys like me could be themselves: instinctive, natural and free.

Finding the right spot took me time because I needed an old and welcoming house, space enough for five unique suites and a dining room with trust bar. It had to be on an elevated site, facing south with huge views, no nosy neighbours, screeching kids or revving cars. Instead, peace and beauty. I wanted space to create a garden full of mystery and scents, an infinity pool with views stretching on and on, a Jacuzzi and Sauna area. A terrace backed by a mellow stone wall warmed by the sun, with a large table for all of us to eat together, laughter and joyous conversations. Oh, and I needed space for a vegetable garden, some old olive trees, and shady lanes to walk along. All this to be not too far from a decent size town…

Over the years I have fulfilled that love affair. The garden has matured, as have I. Umbria delights me more and more, the harmony and tranquillity ever valued. I have welcomed so so many great guys from all over the world. Very many of you return, many of you have become important friends. Of course every year I so look forward to welcoming ‘first timers’. Bellaugello is a place where friendships are made, the magic here is strong. I’m so lucky, I love my job.

Yes, Bellaugello is the name of the farm, it has been for over 400 years. Sure the name has a second meaning, but that is something I can only tell you in person when we meet.



Let our luxury suites indulge you! Each suite is decorated in a unique, original style, so as to make five different experiences for our guests to enjoy.



Bellaugello’s main concern is to distract you and your partner from anything that doesn’t involve leisure, fun and relaxation.

bellaugello kitchen icon


Eating is one of life’s most precious pleasures, so we try to take good care of ourselves and our guests by using the best ingredients we can get.



Try to erase the word «boredom» from your mind, ‘cause you won’t have time enough to get bored at our gay country house.

About Bellaugello


Just three words: unpack and relax! Once you’re installed in your luxury suite, you can start living Bellaugello.

Spend the whole morning in our infinity swimming pool, go to the Jacuzzi, get a relaxing massage, get in touch with the world nearby taking a pleasant walk, stay in touch with the world outside thanks to our Wi-Fi connection, enjoy a nice bottle of wine from the bar, have breakfast or dinner served together with other guys at our family table.

If you feel like being naked, go for it! This is an open-minded gay country house. Once again, unpack… and RELAX!

Get inspired

Get the feel of Umbria and
our town of Gubbio with this video

Fly with us over our local town of Gubbio and witness some of the treasures and historic events held in this beautiful medieval city throughout the year.