Yes! I am still here!!

Sorry I have not written for some days indeed I think it has been the longest gap since I started blogging but every time I settle down to blog something crops up.

I have a store of posts to post but today am quite unable to as there has been a huge rainstorm here in Umbria and the Internet connection at Bellaugello Gay Guest House is out of action. Add to that a wifi network that has gone out in sympathy and I am left to blog using one thumb on my iPhone

Oh and my iPhone refuses to download photos or video to the blog

I have taken some awesome photos and video of the autumn here in Umbria including a magical sound encountered on our hike in the neighbouring Apennines and the flooding in the valley below Bellaugello but they will have to wait until the technology is sorted out

So please be patient ‘normal’ blogging will resume. Until then keep well keep happy and keep checking the blog!


  1. You can change your country in iTunes to buy content, but you have to change it back to keep your apps upto date.

  2. That is rot! iTunes policy is that you can only buy from iTunes store in the country in which your iTunes account is registered with a billing address. Some people do have duplicate iTunes accounts in different countries and billing addresses, however Apple do check on IP addresses and have been known to delete accounts

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