We are continuing to work hard to get everything ready for next spring.  The guys are currently working simultaneously on the next three suites, which are coming along well.  Having removed some internal walls I am delighted with the way the suites are developing.

Work on the swimming pool has not yet begun.  This is due to a mix of waiting for planning permissions and detailed quotations.  We decided the swimming pool is a very important feature, and we want to get it just right.  We are having one side made with a horizon waterfall, and using new technology LED lighting for great nocturnal effects.

Work on our sauna is to commence shortly, so the sauna and plunge pools will be ready and in use this winter.

The great project of the two garden walls is drawing to a close, t0day we continue levelling the land to create terracing and planting borders, ready for the arrival of plants this autumn to have the garden further progressed by the spring.

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