Today we started work on the next suite.  We started by carefully lifting the floor tiles which were laid in the 1960s.  The tiles known locally as ‘sale e pepe’ are a mix of marble chips and marble dust, made into polished floor tiles.  They were made in a variety of colours, with marble of differing sizes, and were the height of modernity when they were laid, and luckily we were able to lift them almost intact.  They will be cleaned and re-laid in the lower floor of the new duplex apartment, when they will be re-polished for the living room and bathroom floors

I am delighted to be able to re-use some of the materials from the house in the new suites.

The next job entailed demolishing walls to make a larger living room and more space for a bathroom.

This next apartment with a covered portico entrance reached from the middle terrace on the west of the house will have a large living room with wood burning stove in the traditional fireplace, a kitchen corner, a luxury sofa bed, and then a separate bedroom  with ensuite bathroom suitable for people with mobility difficulties.

This will be one of the suites here at my gay guest house that will be able to accommodate four guests.  It will be decorated in a rich style of reds and golds and to give it a bit of a decadent twist  will house my collection of mirrors.

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