It has been a very busy weekend here at Bellaugello gay and hetero friendly guest house, and work continues a pace today.

Whilst the guys are busy working on the sauna foundations I have been researching the Yurts.  I think I now have found a reliable Yurt builder, and am just waiting quotation and to discover the logistics of shiping from the UK to Italy.  The Yurts are to be operational from mid-May 2010

The up to date website copy in English has been sent to the webdesigners, so now it’s up to them to get it online.  Included are our prices for this autumn and winter through to summer 2010.  I hope you like them and feel inclined to book.

I have gone with the phrase ‘gay and hetero friendly’  I hope you understand and agree with my motives and sentiments which are set out in the following vision statement published in the website;

Our vision is focused on the gay community. Our home is a free and tolerant environment, where diversity and respect are valued. Two men, two women or a man and a woman, any type of customers are equally welcome, without prejudice to their sexual orientation. We do not want to define Bellaugello as gay, instead : “heterofriendly”

The Italian version is currently being translated so hang on guys………..

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  1. good stuff alec cos colin has been dying to come for a visit and c the place so hopefully now we can both come for a wee week some time.x

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