After and absence of too long, I was back at the BBQ cooking for a delightful evening with lovely guys.  

I use an unusual type of barbecue, to me it is peculiar to our town of Gubbio.  Wood, which we use for the fuel is cut from our estate and is fed  into the raised part at the rear, the firebox.  The resulting ash created is pulled forward under the cooking grill to cook the meats.  Last night sizzling sausages from Gianluca, our butcher, succulent braciole and turkey breasts marinated in wild fennel and orange.

Temperature is regulated both by the amount of ash that is pulled forward and pulling the cooking surface away from the firebox.  It is genius and authentic.

As I cook outdoors, Daniela is busy in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to an array of salads, this evening including grilled vegetables from our garden, local mozzarella and hand cut prosciutto from a whole ham I bought from Norcia.

The evening was complemented by a splendid full moon which slowly rose to illuminate the valley.  All around us were fireflies, June is the month when they dance merrily in the deeper recesses of the garden, sheer magic.

midnight at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy

At the end of the day charged with a stiff whisky and soda I headed to my terrace to relax and reflect of another wonderful evening here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy.

The company at dinner was great, a lovely mix of nationalities always brings new topics and humour.

 The conversations were varied, some funny, others serious – but not too serious, and some were downright outrageous, just as I like it.  I am so lucky to live in such a special place, to love my ‘job’ (can it really be called a job when it is so much fun?) and to have the company of such delightful beautiful guys.

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