As promised a few weeks ago an update on  the connection of our spring.

Work has now been completed on the settlement tank at the spring source, and despite the sweltering heat water continues to flow, thank goodness!!  It has been a long and costly excercise, but now means we are one step further towards our aim of eco-sustainability.  Next job now all is running correctly is to re-landscape around the spring.

settlement tank

Water from the ground source is collected and runs into the settlement tank, and then through to the underground tanks, from where it is pumped on demand along 350 metres of pipework and up 62 metres of height to three tanks sitting on the hill above the house, from where it returns to the house and garden by gravity.  After lengthy discussions on cost and viability we decided to put in an electric pump.  We had wanted to put in a solar pump but the cost was prohibitive, being nearly four times the price of a conventional pump.   I feel none too guilty, as we will be installing photovoltaic panels to augment our electricity supply, so it could be argued that the pump will run on the solar panels.

The connection of the spring has been a landmark for us, we still have the commune mains water supply, but are now ensured a good supply of clean fresh water for the gardens and swimming pool, and as appropriate house supply.

water entering the settlement tankHere a picture of the water emerging from the ground pipe into the settlement tank on its way to be carried up the hill.

Upper tanks

The upper tanks with capacity of 13,000 litres now full of clear spring water and waiting to be buried.

And in case these tanks overflow then the water falls back along another pipe to yet another tank below the house where we collect rain water from the house roof for use on the vegetable garden, so hopefully we do not waste a drop!

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