Warmth – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy

This morning the house was completely shrouded in mist.  It is typical of autumn days here in Umbria that early in the mornings, light mist lingers in the valley and magically breaks free floating upward and dissipating, inevitably by eleven o’clock in the morning the blue sky is revealed in all its warmth and glory.

That is as it was here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House this morning.  Breakfasts were served in the dining room, the house shrouded in a quiet mist, and then just as breakfast was over the mist thinned and some traces of blue sky appeared.

For me the previous night had been disturbed.  As you will have read from my last post, Milo, my English Setter was at the vet for an operation to remove the two large cists that have been annoying him this summer.  Understandably the operation was a long and complicated procedure, some three and a half hours in total – I do not know who was more stressed me or the dog! and when I was called back to the vet I was met with a very dopy and disorientated dog, perforated by two ginormous scars neatly sewn up with blue thread.

Any attempt at him walking was out of the question, so wrapped in a blanket he was carried to the car and hence home.  He and I both had a disturbed night – little sleep much agitation and anxiety and confusion, however this morning Milo staggered out to do his business.  His three legged stagger reminding me of an ancient Billy Connolly story about the Glaswegian drunk who when in a bar in Rome had asked what the Pope drank – to be told by the barman that ‘he has been known to take the odd glass of creme de menthe’ (remember this story is from the 1970s) – so the Glaswegian said to the bartender ‘give me a pint of that then’, at which Connolly performed a drunken stagger with one leg seemingly fixed to the same spot, that to this day I still remember as hysterical and clever.  So it was with Milo this morning, a very drunken stagger, one leg splayed and seemingly refusing to budge.

The treatment at the vets is second to none.  We went back for a post -op check up this morning and were met by squeals of delight by the team, so proud of Milo, they really care, their concern is genuine and warm, which leads me on to the thread of tonight’s post….

This is the first evening this autumn when the guys have asked me to light the Finnish wood fired Sauna here in the garden at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, indeed the perfect place to work up a sweat.  As dusk began to fall the stove with a full load of dry seasoned wood rapidly got to a heady 80˚c


A sauna with heat from a log stove, at dusk here in the tranquillity of Umbria is an experience all should partake, it is utterly magical.  Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse is open throughout October and thence for November Fridays and Saturdays, come and enjoy a sauna….