Again a beautiful day here at Bellaugello Gay B&B in Umbria. The sun shone and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  I am busy trying to get lawn seeded – and working on my tan.  Yes I know it is late to be sowing grass seed, but the previous rain has delayed things, and I have been busy doing other things, so now I am busy with the rotovator which keeps slipping its belt, so annoying.

The plan was to seed on tuesday by which time I anticipate being ready for the seed/roller machine.  This weekend is a public holiday and so rain is forecast, which is a double shame as this sunday is a big day in Gubbio as it is the start of the famous Festa dei Ceri or race of the candles.  No don’t panic, the race day has not been changed, it is simply the first day of the celebrations on Sunday when the Ceri are brought down to the town from the church of San Ubaldo on top of the hill where they were brought last May 15th.  It is an early start on Sunday 8am I am told, I just hope the rain keeps off.

On a completely different tack.  A couple of guys recently asked me to recommend a gay bed and breakfast or hotel or guest house in Florence (Firenze), and alas I had to tell them that I did not personally know of one.  I feel a bit useless, can anyone help, do you know of a good gay b&b or gay friendly hotel in Florence that I could recommend?

And lastly before I put the computer away….. Ho fatto una promessa ad una coppia di ragazzi di scrivere il mio blog in italiano e fineora non ho fatto cosi… Io sono molto dispiace e prometto di praticare il mio italiano e di post qualcosa in italiano sul il mio blog prima troppo a lungo. Intanto voglio chedere si qualcuno di voi bei ragazzi gay italiano sanno di un buon gay B & B a Firenze. Per favore fatemelo sapere


  1. Bravo Alec!! 😉
    Continua a scrivere sempre qualche cosa in italiano, un po’ l’inglese lo capiamo, ma magari qualche frase la perdiamo.

  2. ehehehehe 😀 no problem, non è vero che è abominevole, l’importante è che si capisca, va benone!!

  3. yeh the mona lisa is a great hotel in florence and gay freindly

  4. Thanks for the suggestion I will pass it on. A gay friendly hotel in Florence is always handy to know and be able to recommend, especially when guests coming to my gay guest house may well be passing through Florence…

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