Several abbeys stand on the track between Gubbio and Assisi, indeed the “Sentiero Francescana della Pace” hiking trail which runs from Gubbio to Assisi and passes through Valdichiascio not far from Bellaugello Gay Guest House, was designed to weave by these glorious old buildings.

The abbey of Valingeno is now in part an agriturismo, currently closed, however the chapel remains and is still consecrated.  This pic was snapped by me yesterday as I called to see friends who live in the part of Valdichiascio dominated by Valingeno and its bells seen on the horizon twizt blue skies and the verdant green of the Umbrian countryside.

The hiking trail is well marked as it winds its way through the tranquil scenery of northern Umbria, is easily accessed from Bellaugello Gay B&B offering guests a chance to retrace the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi.  Often we pack a picnic and head off along the trail rarely encountering anyone else, to one of the wayside chapels and sit under the shade of an ancient tree, in perfect peace disturbed only by birdsong, an utter delight, forget the modern world, de-stress, relax and drink in the wonders of nature.  A small side trail takes us to the Chiascio river and a wonderful bathing pool with waterfall,  seldom visited and an utterly beautiful spot to cool off before returning on another track to make the climb back up the valley to Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse.

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