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Up at five

Last night I was invited to dinner with friends in the valley.  The friends in question are from Switzerland and recently returned from a trip there so real authentic Swiss cheese fondue was on the menu.  As it bubbled and boiled we drank homemade sparkling red wine, light, fruity, together with home cured sausage and olives an excellent aperitivo.  My offering of orange cake, a bit burnt round the edges, but still very edible was quickly wolfed down.  Then came the question….  What are you doing tomorrow Alec? 

Well, I had planned to work with the builders who are busy ding alterations to the dining room, and then make the most of the glorious sunshine and work in the garden….  How do you feel about coming to Frosinone tomorrow morning?  Me…. Well ok, but I should be working at home….  Well what if we leave at six in the morning?

So I agreed, the alarm clock went off at five, a scalding hot shower and the obligatory mug of tea, breakfast  and quick run out for the dogs and I jumped into the frosty car and drove up to the road end where we met and headed to Frosinone which is about 60kms south of Rome.

As we left  it was still dark, steadily the light increased and we saw the fields were white, glistening with heavy frost, soon the sun came up into a cloudless sky and we were basking in 9˚.  Down the autostrada and speedily to our destination to collect the object of our trip, then back as swiftly, only stopping when nearly home under the heavily snow capped Apennines – they weren’t that snow covered yesterday, for a light lunch of Crescia, the delicious local bread from Gubbio warmed and filled with scrumptious hand cut prosciutto.

Back home I was delighted to see that in my absence work had progressed well, we are now starting to plaster the new walls, and there was still warmth in the sun so I headed into the garden for a good couple of hours.  A blissful but kinda exhausting day.

Tonight a slew of emails, many guys are planning well ahead and booking their spring, summer and even autumn holidays here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in the beautiful Umbrian countryside, we have some weeks already fully booked, and amongst the mails to my great delight an enquiry for a honeymoon stay….:-)