I really cannot believe it. Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House the weather continues to be unseasonably warm. Yesterday I spent a delightful afternoon pruning olive trees. I dressed warmly, it is February after all, but within a few minutes As temperatures hit the low twenties I had to strip off to a rugger shirt.
Back in the garden the first fruit trees are flowering…

No, I do not only mean only the crazy yellow plum tree that has been in flower since mid-December, but as you see from the photo it is the apricot trees, and yesterday I noticed the almond is about to burst forth, along the road one of my farming neighbours has already an almond in full bloom. Wild violets strew the banks below the fig tree and the daffodils- those remaining not eaten by the istrice are in full flower.
So now I am off to cut the lawn. Generally the lawn cutting period is from late March to end June, then the heat slows down growth, I have to cut the lawns only every ten days or so until the autumn when they put on a final spurt before winter. This year I am having to start a month early, I just hope we are not in for a nasty cold spell in April.
Not that I am complaining about the warmth, it is delightful, and quietly pruning olive trees is most therapeutic….

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