Am I the only un-stereotypical gay guy left?
Over the past few days I have been asking myself that question. Why? You might ask… Well I seem to share one thing in common with David Cameron the straight Prime Minister of the UK, in that I do not know who Molly is….
I thought a Molly was either my long lost distant cousin sometime in South Africa, or an eighteenth century guy who acted on stage dressed as a woman, and whose sexual tendencies trended towards the male sex
But no it seems that last night a Molly was taking part in Eurovision and, like the said Cameron I knew not who or why. There my similarity with Cameron stops (well we do share other similarities but they are for another blog).
Just because I am a gay guy why do I have to like or even fawn over Eurovision, I dislike it with the same indifference that I give to Liza Minelli and Shirley Bassey, neither of whom I choose to listen to. It is a mystery to me that I prefer to keep a mystery.


  1. well she won !!!! good for her it is a new age and people know we don’t live in the box anymore and diversity is good and not to be afraid off and what u look like outside !! does not change who u are on the inside !!! as i quote rupaul we are all born naked and everything after is drag !!!

  2. Roberto I have no problem with diversity, indeed I applaud it, but I still do not enjoy Eurovision!

  3. well i feel the way Russia has been and the way it is treating gay people it was nice to see the rest of Europe standing up for diversity and not damming people who happen to love the same gender its a new age

  4. Come on, Alec, don’t be afraid, step out of closet, admit it – you love Eurovision! ūüôā

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