This morning I woke full of the joys of spring, positive of mind and full of zest.  Today was a day for achievements and getting things done……  so I made a list.  Yes sometimes I make lists, tragic eh, often I mislay them, sometimes they get everything ticked off and help me from forgetting things I was supposed to have done, or serve to amuse me when I cannot read what I have written

This morning’s list was:

1  Order materials from the builders’ merchants.

2  Go to Gubbio and go to the offices of the water comany to tell them once again that I actually live here in Bellaugello and so should not be paying water rates as a non-resident.

3  Go to the doctors to get antibiotics to shift the bronchial cough I have had this past month.

4  Go to the offices of the local health authority to renew my health card, which needs to be renewed anually.

5  Go to another builders’ merchant to confirm the order for floor tiles as discussed yesterday.

6  Go to the garage to see if they will sell my car on comission as I ave seen a car I really want to buy

7  Give a second coat of paint to the walls in the Diva Suite

8  Cut the grass, and strim the grass banks

9  Get through to the inernet company who promised three weeks ago to install a new internat connection

10 Go to the bank and hassle them into giving me the precise cost and delivery time of the POS credit card machine that I asked for two and a half months ago.

Result:  1 – ORDERED all materials, but many items FAILED to arrive, need to physically go and collect them. 2 – The office only opens on monday morning, thursday afternoon and friday morning, there is no other means of CONTACTING Umbria Acque 3 – The doctor tried to palm me off with ‘ALTERNATIVE’ medicins, eventually after an extended coughing fit he relented. Then to the Farmacia to collect the prescription SHUT, need to come back later  4 – A QUEUE (what a surprise) ‘oh you have not brought the right documents, the requirements have changed you need to come back another day’. 5 DELIGHTFUL friend in the builders’ merchants with the patience of a saint and a cool sense of humour.  Someone from another company had bought the tiles we looked at last night from the distributor, had to make a spur of the moment decision and chose something else that did not please me as much as they were darker than I had envisaged, although I must admit they are very plendidly decadent! 6 – ‘Oh we do not sell cars on commission (lie, a friend sold his there that way) you will need to come back TOMORROW or the day after and speak to the boss, what car is it?’  ‘a Fiat 500 sporting,’ ‘Is it here?’ – NO I WALKED… 7 – Interrrupted by phone calls and builders requests got three walls done, looks FAB and most of the paint is on the walls not on me or the dogs or floor. 8 – Just managed to get the lawn on the car-park and round the hay shed cut before dusk descended, bliss mind emptying persuit. 9 – They STILL do not answer their telephone or reply to emails – I need to drive to the other side of Perugia so see them in person – if they are actually in the office – that’s communication companies for you – probably better training wol-let! 10 – WAITED in the bank for 75 minutes to finally get to see the director to be told she still does not have the news I require, does not know when she will have it and still does not know the cost of the various POS machines or which gps system they use or how much longer I will have to wait to have it installed, AARGH . Then went back to the farmacia to discover they do not have both the medecins prescribed  so had to chase to the other side of Gubbio to another farmacia.  Returned home, replied to emails, fed dogs, cut grass and checked on builders work all before making a cup of tea, which is now going cold as I write this…

Lucky I did not have anything urgent or particular to do today… 🙂

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