Today is one of those magical days here in Umbria.  I just had to post this, and share with you just how wonderful it is here in the valley outside Gubbio. We are busy stacking fire wood into neat piles.  It is drizzling, fine soft rain, the kind that penetrates the best quality jacket, but the weather is mild and the work is satisfying.

Down in the valley low clouds hang to the valley sides and light fluffy mist darts above the river.  The hillsides are reds, browns, greens and oranges.  The campanile of Colpalumbo church darts up and down through the moving mist.  It’s an ever changing picture.  The Apenines in the distance have a dusting of snow on their tops, reminiscent of a yummy Christmas Pandoro.  Birds are singing and darting close by to catch the early worm, otherwise just the sounds of wood thrown onto neat stacks and the burbling river far in the valley below.

It truely is a special day to be able to work outdoors in the splendour of Umbria.

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