I awoke early with the sunrise and got on with the chores.

It has been a spectacularly nice day here at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse in Valdichiascio, Umbria.  A long chat over breakfast and then off to Gubbio to the market.

The town was really busy, and the market full of goodies, clearly the fruit and vegetable growers had not taken time off over Easter, so produce was abundant and of high quality.  It is so lovely wandering through the stalls with colours and fragrances, stopping to chat with friends and colleagues, and the advantage of a warm sun on your back.

A quick snack of Porchetta, the local spit roast pig stuffed with herbs and crunchy crackling set me up for an aftrernoon of planting.

It was an afternoon when all my neighbours seemed to be out for a walk, so little planting, and much chatting, so much nicer.

Now as I write at the kitchen table the sun is beginning to set, the Apennines are bathed in a soft red-golden light and all about is stillness puncutated only by birdsong, a veritably joyful country day in Umbria.

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