This weekend it seems that all of Italy and points beyond are in Gubbio for the annual festival of truffles.  For the first time there is a red carpet to guide visitors through the centro storico from displays of truffles, sales of truffles, meals of truffles, and the history of truffles.

Yesterday we had a wander round the beautiful medieval town which basked in warm sunshine, we deeply inhaled the perfume of the truffles, and more than a few purchases were made, of course followed by an aperitivo…

To work off the over indulgences of last night this morning some guys are off to the Grotte di Frasassi the huge subterranean caverns discovered in 1975 and now offering tours in the immense cave system check the link:  Grotte di Frassasi in English others are just forced to return to the truffles or snuggle up in front of the log fire here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House

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