Another glorious day here at Bellaugello, the sun has been shining and birds singing and I have been out cutting the lawns..

I just love the smell of freshly mown grass, mingled with the aromas of lavender and rosemary as I brush past the plants.  After yesterday’s rain the greens are more verdant than ever, utterly glorious and generous, all around the air is peaceful…

The roses are just beginning to burst into bloom and the marguerite daisies I sew from seed last year (and forgot what they were) are now overflowing in their pots and need to be transplanted to the flower-beds, the wisteria is in its final burst of flowering before shedding its petals, our owl has cleared a safe landing pad in amongst the foliage, and the wee birds in the old cherry tree are busy feeding their young..

Time for a wee glass of sagrantino or a cocktail….

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