A beautiful day here at Bellaugello gay bed and breakfast in Umbria.  The guys are busy laying the flooring in the lower Garden Suite, which entails barrow-loads of sand and bags of cement being taken all the way down to the lowest level of the house. Progress is picking up a pace and it looks as if this great duplex suite will be ready for the end of May.

I am busy in the garden, cutting grass, weeding and general tidying ready for the next delivery of plants, schedued for Saturday.  The garden furniture has come out of the store, it has been given a clean down but teak oil still needs to be applied.  The dogs are lying on the gravel simply soaking up the sun’s rays and watching the rest of us busy at work…  Oh it’s a dog’s life!

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  1. well u know what they say it is a dogs life ill need to get over and muck in soon

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