We have been joined by a new member of the family.

Our latest addition is Briciola.  Several weeks ago I posted news of the death of Rosa, a dear lady who lived in the valley.  Her faithful wee dog had been pining for her, and needed a new home.  She is a delightful, friendly spunky dog, and as none of the family were able to take her and no other neighbours volunteered I offered to give the wee dog a home.

Briciola joined us here at Bellaugello three weeks ago.  She took a great deal of persuading, the ties to her old home were strong, but there was nobody there to feed or care for her.

The first few days to get acclimatised to her new environment Briciola spent wearing her new collar and secured to base with a chain, which she took with reasonably good grace,.  She is an outdoor dog, and clearly very savvy.  She has a good appetitite, craves affection, and has made firm friends with Milo, Edo and Jenny our two English Setters and Cocker Spaniel, and now released from her shackles wanders about freely and follows me like a shadow when I am working outside.

Briciola translates into English as “Crumb”, but will always be called Briciola (pronounced breech-ola), she is a wee gem and a grest addition to the team.

Ecco Briciola!

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