I have spent the past weeks attempting to link my website for Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast in Umbria to other sites.  It is a dazzlingly difficult task for a novice like me.  Once I find a site I like I either fill in an online form, or send a request.

The online form inevitably requires photographs loaded and thus time to upload, haha! with ADSLento here it is unpredictable.  Sometimes the form goes sometimes it does not, but you have to keep coming back and checking, it consumes time, lots of time.

Some sites now have me listed, others do not, so I email them, and guess what…. no reply no replies.  Now do I blame that on my ADSLento or have I filled in the form incorrectly, or has the site gone on holiday or is TelecomItalia still sending my emails by fax?  I guess I’ll never know 🙂

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