The census – time for a rant! – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
The census – time for a rant!

I can well understand that governments require population surveys to better understand their populations and plan for the future of their nations, ISTAT has just last month sent census forms throughout Italy.

Among the various usual questions was one about internet connection.  From memory it ran somewhat like this:

Do you have an internet connection Yes/No

If yes, is it provided by:

A  Fixed line telephone


C  Dongle key

D  Closed private network

They missed the obvious and most important question: Does it work?

If you live in a city then the answer is probably yes, but in the countryside……

When we arrived here in Umbria we tried with TelecomItalia fixed line which promised 7mbps (it took a year to connect over existing then renewed cables)  Owing to the distance from the exchange and their insistence on old fashioned copper cables it arrived at an average slowness of 300kbs haha!! so at the first opportunity I switched to TECHNOADSL a company who promises 3mbps using a line of site transmitter south of Bellaugello and an antenna mounted on the roof.  This speed is less than that promised but never realised by TelecomItalia, and so more likely to be achieved…or is it???

As regular readers will know my internet connection is a regular subject of a rant.  I have complained and complained to the company and they do NOTHING.  Indeed speed can reach nearly 3mbps but is normally around 1mbps  For the last six days the speed in the afternoons has collapsed to an average 100 – 200kbs (even the post or international bank transfers arrive more quickly!) and today from 9am until a few minutes ago there was NO SERVICE AT ALL and it is not the first time this has happened,  the irritation magnifies.

-yes ISTAT you omitted to ask the crucial question, we in the countryside are all doomed to excruciatingly terrible internet connection speeds for some time to come

oh and ps… Why did they not ask in the census if solar panels form part of the heating system of the property – odd very odd!