Finally permission has arrived for us to be able to rebuild the anexxe.  This building which stands on the roadside at Bellaugello is in a perilous state and desperately requires action.   After ten months wait I understand that we can finally start work!  We have been informed that we must rebuild not repair.

It is a beautiful sunny day here so I am off to find a heavy hammer and start the destruction myself, the builders are currently busy working on the dining room and kitchen areas.  There is some beautiful dressed stone that we will save; two pillars will be re-used for the main entrance gate posts to Bellaugello, and a large section of wall for the embankment behnd the swimming pool. The hand-made cotto roof tiles have been put to one side for future use.  I am keen to retain as much as possible of the tradition of this lovely Umbrian farm building.

Another small bit of progress here at Bellaugello gay bed and breakfast.

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