To end what in all other senses has been a wonderful day here at Bellagello Gay Guesthouse in Umbria I have a rant to download to you all…..

I am so angry.  For the past hour or so I have been trying to download a film onto my computer.  TelecomItalia who currently provide the internet service here fail to provide any form of speed.

My computer has just laughingly told me it will take 8 days and 9 hours to dowmload the 528mb….   and then the download crashes – again, and  again and again.  The speed starts of at 70kb/sec, but rapidly decreases to 10b/sec Aarrgh……

I have had another company TechnoAdsl out to Bellaugello to run a test on an antenna system,  The test results were very good, and they can provide a fast internet connection from a transmitter directly south of Bellaugello, and they promised to return last week to install the equipment.  No sign of them, no replies to emails and they do not answer the telephone either.  TelecomItalia’s customer help-line is run by a string of dear mamas who every time I call seem to be in their kitchens frying something,  or doing the washing up and so unable to deal with my problem!  To officially complain to TelecomItalia you have to send a fax (remember them- I believe there is one in the Science Musesum in London)

That’s communication companies for you!

On a brighter note I have a gorgeous owl nesting in one of the pigeon holes in the west wall of the house at Bellaugello.  Maybe it is one of Hedwig’s relations, I live in hope…


  1. have you seen the performance of sending a telegram here in Italy – not to mention the queues at the post office!!!

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