I throw this ball into the court…………

Bellaugello gay guest house.  Exclusively for gay men?  That has always been the intention.  As it says in our web homepage; “..in a gay enveronment….  in the company of other like minded men”

Names can be complicated; Here in Italy Niccolo is a guys name, generally masculine names end in  the vowel ‘o’ and female names end in the vowel ‘a’ hence Antonello and Antonella, Paolo and Paola, but there are exceptions, and if you take into account other languages it becomes very complicated.  In English Nicola is a girls name, but here it Italy it is a guy’s name, I have a good friend called Nicola and he is definately a guy.  Goes against all the rules andconfuses my brain.

What happens if someone other than a gay man turns up here?  Do I send them packing? Do I run round and inform all the other clientelle there is a ‘non gay male’ on the premises?  Do I welcome them with open arms?

Friends of all persuasions tell me that I should re-style Bellaugello as being ‘gay friendly’.  It would certainly get round the problem of language and semantics and why not?  If guys know that Bellaugello is for them, and we market cleverly then will there be objections if heterosexual people or couples or lesbian families arrive here to enjoy th facilities that we offer? Afterall most gay men have loads of girlfriends and strait friends, and we have never had the intention to create a ghetto.

Non male gay clientelle will be aware at the time of booking of what they are coming to and naturally expected to respect the environment we have strived so hard to create.

If you as a gay guy came here to Bellaugello gay country house would you be disturbed to be sharing your holiday with non-gay males?

Would you as a gay male be pleased that you could come to Bellaugello gay guest house and bring your straight friends?

Let me know, I would love to read your comments and do please send me other examples of contrary tautologies.


  1. …now i’m one of iphone roman friends that visited Bellaugello last sunday…
    Idea (suggestion)? why don’t register Bellaugello Agriturismo (Gay? bisexual? hetero-friendly? let’s think about.it…;)) to Navteq, or Atlas Mapas, as a P.O.I. (point of interest) that are most popular and used navigation map of GPS software?
    let’s talk about it with Bellaugello’s boss…:D

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