Looking out the window today I really cannot believe it is less than two weeks to Easter.

Ok, I know I shouldn’t really be posting this, after all my blog is supposed to be full of joys and delights, tra lah!  The daffodils are indeed coming up, all should be cheery and positive and written to encourage you all to come and see Bellaugello for yourselves, but my blog is also a record of daily life running a gay guest house in Umbria, Italy so here goes;

Today in Umbria it is blowing a gale, torrential rain, grey and utterly miserable.  It is not especially cold, the wind is coming up from the south, but it is soggy and real wet.   The Chiascio river below the house is running fast a muddy café au lait colour and has once again burst its banks.

Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House over the past month in amongst other tasks I have been endeavouring to get to work in the garden. It has been frosty every morning, sunny days, but no good for pruning or chopping.  Now all is waterlogged and very sad, and plants  like frenetic semaphore signallers are blowing about madly in the high winds.  I feel like I am on the bridge of an ocean liner in a storm.

Grey rain from the safety of the porch at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italie

Because we have had some warm weather recently the grass is growing madly and of course the weeds even more so.  The fine oak tree on the east side of the house which has held onto its golden dry brittle leaves until just now has finally decided to shed them, and guess where they are all ending up…. in the swimming pool of course!

I guess the easter bunnies will just have to frolic and gambol in the long grass 😉


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