Hope the links work, it is tragic just how archaic things are here.  For my anglophile friends you can read the text on Beppe Grillo’s Blog (second link), for the directors of Telecom Italia I will fax you a copy

Link 1  You Tube Maurizio Gotta on TelecomItalia

Link 2  Beppe Grillo Blog on 5 star towns and connectivity

For those of you without time to watch the links, the finest statement from the presentation must be: “I often see the flabbergasted looks on the faces of certain tourists when they arrive in our area and say:What, you don’t have Wi-FI and you don’t have ADSL? How on earth do you communicate, by smoke signals? How do we go about sending an e – mail?”. They are told: “No, but you can send a fax”, “A fax? Are you insane? Do you honestly think I take a fax machine on holiday with me?! No, I take a laptop and then look for a Wi–Fi connection”.

We do have internet here at Bellaugello, all be it slow…..  Fax no.


  1. You should get a Bellaugello Lost in Translation going…you’d have a full book every year!

  2. This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. How was the food?I must try this place, a classic!

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