Flurries of snow meant that work stopped early today. I have very mixed emotions as having spent the past week emptying the dining room at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, putting the ornaments and furniture into storage, we this morning started work on constructing a new bathroom and modifying the kitchen space. It seems so strange […]

Most evenings I spend a couple of enjoyable hours watering shrubs, hedging plants, borders, pots and the lawns here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. The summer suns not only bring forth a myriad of flowers and fragrant blooms but also dry the ground out at an alarming pace. Here at Bellaugello we have a spring, […]

The mist and light drizzle gave a Wagnerian feel to the switching on of the World’s Largest Chriatmas Tree, here in Gubbio last night.  The town was packed as crowds poured in to witness the annual spectacle.  Fireworks exploded into the Turneresque sky, way up in the campanille of the Palazzo dei Consoli a brave […]