Valdichiascio – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy

For some reason today was somewhat emotional.   Maybe it was the call from my ex, maybe it was so many other things going on in my head, or maybe it was just that this morning I was woken up at six o’clock and seeing the sky was red, a glorious resplendent sunrise, I had […]

Glorious morning here in Umbria so we are serving lunch outdoors for the guys Today they have been trekking in Valdichiascio and return to Bellaugello Gay Guest House for lunch and then a well deserved rest and sunbathe at our infinity pool life is good!

Italy may well be in a poor state but this week I discovered just how community spirit is alive and well. Significant and long-term lack of maintenance, recent large movements of timber, and poor weather have left  the road here in Valdichiascio in a terrible condition.  Last week one of my neighbours went to the […]

Not cold, but wet, damp and grey, this Sunday morning in Umbria, the sort of day for not getting out of bed, or just slopping around the house in pyjamas, lighting the fire and snuggling up with a good book and gently dozing.  It was not to be… A flurry of emails, bookings are coming […]

Since arriving in Italy nearly five years ago one of my greatest delights is the closeness and friendliness of my neighbours here in Valdichiascio, near the beautiful medieval town of Gubbio.  I am real lucky with my neighbours, they are great, supportive and very welcoming, here there is a real sense of community, something fundamental […]

Yes, unsurprisingly we still have snow here in Umbria, central Italy, at least places like Gubbio, Gualdo, Norcera and Norcia in the foothills of the apeninnes.  The cold wind continues to blow from the east, and the road to Bellaugello Gay Guest House is blocked by a snowdrift.  So, to quote a line from one […]

The sun continues to shine here in Umbria as it has done for the past month.  Despite the lack of rain the garden and surrounding countryside at Bellaugello Gay Guest House near Gubbio is looking lush and verdant.  We are lucky to have our own spring, which up till now is still pouring forth cool […]

A beautiful sunny day here at Bellaugello Gay guesthouse in Umbria brought with it blue skies and Apricot trees bursting into bloom, thus pressaged a walk. Bellaugello is situated in a commanding position facing south toward Monte Subasio, the large hill on the other side of which nestles the rosy pink city of Assisi.  It […]

Yesterday heralded a glorious cloudless blue sky and warm sunshine and the final day of the olive harvest here at Bellaugello Gay Guest-House in Umbria, central Italy. The Apennnes glistened bright with a dusting of snow on their summits from the recent snowfall.  The Chiascio valley filled with birdsong in the golden hued oak trees, […]