I am feeling guilty.  Not only do I live here at Bellaugello Gay Country House in one of the most beautiful corners of Europe, but also I have been a poor blogger of late.  So to make up for that I post a few photographs of what you are all missing this morning… I am […]

Hot, hot sun today and I find myself busy cleaning 🙁 Slight wispy clouds dot the azure sky, a light breeze, hot hot sun, and all around colour, spring bulbs and fruit trees in flower, the rosemary bushes at Bellaugello Gay Country House are buzzing with bees, honey bees too, obviously out on their first […]

Glorious morning here in Umbria so we are serving lunch outdoors for the guys Today they have been trekking in Valdichiascio and return to Bellaugello Gay Guest House for lunch and then a well deserved rest and sunbathe at our infinity pool life is good!

What beautiful sunshine here today at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. The sky is deep blue, the wind a mere hint of a breeze, and the garden positively blooming. Blossom abounds and heady sweet scents fill the air. The fig tree showing first signs of being laden with fruit, the cherry trees a mass of white, […]

The most glorious day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. The sun is shining and because the breeze is from the north we are sheltered, it is hot! The never ending back breaking job of pruning the many lavender bushes here in the garden is made easier as we get the sun on our backs, […]

It is a wet and thoroughly miserable day here in Umbria today.  It seems that after a summer of intense heat, never-ending sunshine and balmy weather we are now receiving the rain in almost quantities experienced by many other countries.  Recently there was bad flooding in parts of Umbria, fortunately Bellaugello Gay Guest House being […]