Hot hot hot!!!

Yesterday on a trip to the neighbouring region of Le Marche the car thermometer registered 22˚, today here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy, the sun is shining, and it is real hot

I have finished the last batch of marmalade, cleaned the kitchen down and am heading outside to do some more tidying in the garden, me thinks with this summer weather all that is required is a pair of shorts

BELLAUGELLO vestiti sono facoltativi – che cosa significa? * BELLAUGELLO clothing optional – what does it mean?

Oggi in Umbria con il bel tempo da 26º mi ha ricordato…

with clear blue skies and temperatures in the high twenties today in Umbria it reminded me that…

Recentemente in diverse occasioni mi è stato chiesto che cosa si intende per ‘abbigliamento opzionale’ a Bellaugello Gay B&B

Recently on several occasions I have been asked what exactly do we mean by ‘clothing optional’ at Bellaugello Gay Guest House

Sembra che ci sia una certa confusione, e qualche ragazzi sono preoccupati che devono essere nudo! Non abbiamo mai inteso dare l’impressione Bellaugello è una colonia nudista, non lo è. Siete liberi di prendere il sole o fare il bagno nudi, passeggiata intorno al giardino nudo, ma non c’è bisogno di essere nudo, la scelta è vostra. Noi chiediamo che per la prima colazione si indossa come minimo un paio di pantaloncini o un pareo, e sono completamente vestito per la cena.

It seems there is some confusion, and guys are worried they have to be naked!  We never meant to give the impression Bellaugello is a nudist colony, it is not.  You are free to sunbathe or swim naked, stroll round the garden naked, but you do not have to, the choice is yours. We do ask that for breakfast you wear at minimum a pair of shorts or a sarong, and are fully dressed for dinner.

Molti dei nostri ospiti scelgono di avere un ‘abbronzatura tutto’ molti preferiscono la linea di abbronzatura e indossano i costumi di bagno, la scelta è vostra …..

Many of our guests chose to get an ‘all over tan’ many prefer to have a tan line and wear trunks, the choice is yours……

Happy Birthday Ben!

Yesterday was yet another scortcher.  The guys arrived at six am to start work, finishing by lunchtime as it is just too hot for them to work outside in the afternoons.

Folowing our big clean up of the back drive the fence was erected and draped with dark green nylon windbreak which makes a very effective screening from the road, thus enabling us guys to strip off and soak up the rays in the way nature intended…

An invitation to Pratale is one not to be lightly declined.  Eighteen of us sat down in the courtyard under the ancient mulberry tree to celebrate Ben’s Birthday.

Dinner was as always excellent, with much of the  food being harvested just that afternoon, followed by a team made Birthday Tiramisu Cake, all washed down with good honest local wine.

Guests had arrived from as far afield as Paris, Sheffield , Canada and Zurich, and we talked happily until the wee smaa ‘ours

Happy Birthday Ben!!

Spaghetti Messicana at PrataleBen's Birthday