Ah yes! There are wonderful shops here in Umbria.  The city of Perugia is a mere 40 minute drive from Bellaugello Gay Guest House, and there in the delightful centro storico you will find a good selection of shops to suit most tastes and styles, including this former church now a shrine to shopping and […]

A maze of narrow streets lined with divine shops from designer fashions through leather goods and ceramics to cutting edge design and all of a sudden wow! Siena Second city of Tuscany only a couple of hours drive from Bellaugello Gay Guest House Art – Architecture – Shopping – Panforte – Beauty yes Oh and […]

I was in Gubbio this morning, mistakenly thinking I would beat the crowds, but alas no!  The town was very busy and the supermarket full of people mis-steering overfilled trolleys. Just what is going on?  Do these people only shop once a year , do they fast for 51 weeks and then gorge themselves in […]