Galloway – Scotland

A few pics to add a bit of colour to the blog!

The River Cree – salmon ran in multitudes in my youth

Autumn colours on a favourite childhood walk

The Bladnoch Distillery – Scotland’s most southerly whisky distillery started by my ancestors, long ago sold to a PLC and now back in private hands and in production check the link  The Bladnoch Distillery

The Galloway hills seen from Innerwell Bay a site of many a childhood family picnic and swim and former salmon stake nets. Just above the shoreline the most delightful house.  At the time of my youth Walter King-Webster the proprietor used to hang a sign at the road end “Salmon – Cheaper than Mince” mince being ground beef, salmon being wild, (of course) he packed fish in ice and sent them by train from the local station to the finest restaurants in London. changed days eh!