Connecting from the USA and Northern Europe

Hooray for

getting to Bellaugello Gay Country House just got easier!

Not only do we have the new service of direct flights three days a week from Munich by Lufthansa into our local airport of Perugia “San Francesco di Assisi” coinciding with United flights arriving from New York and the USA and several other Canadian flights, a new Vueling service on Tuesday and Friday from Barcelona “El Prat” but also today Alitalia announced starting Sunday 29th March three daily flights from Rome Fiumincino all into our local airport of Perugia.

From Rome to Perugia daily

Alitalia Rome -Perugia flights 2015 #Bellaugello


From Perugia to Rome daily

Flights Perugia Umbria to Rome 2015 #Bellaugello

For all our guests wanting to avoid Ryanair there is now a great solution. 

Come and live Bellaugello…..

Superplasticizer & Polycarboxylate

Hey, I have no idea what either product is, all I know is that on checking my computer somebody calling himself Jack Spratt – a likely name methinks, kindly offered me inordinate quantities of these products by email this afternoon.  The joys of junk mail.

Over the past few days I have once again been hit by a major dose of the ‘flu.  This time it took me real bad and this is the first day I have been able to comfortably read a computer screen.  Facebook and blog have both been ignored, my plans to get online an online booking form on the website have been delayed, Everything ached!  There is so much of this ‘flu going that many of you already know just how ‘orrible it is, so I won’t let this turn into a rant or feel sorry for Alec.

Anyway I have struggled to answer emails.  Enquiries and bookings are coming in for this year, and I am conscious that I must reply swiftly to them, so have squinted at the screen and replied.  Frankly being almost unable to open my eyes, and focus let alone read, it has not been easy over the past few days, but I managed it.  In the interim, the radio, notably streaming BBC dramas and a stream of phonecalls from my neighbours and friends offering support, to do my shopping, to take me to the doctors, the hospital and just to check if I am alive have been my companions. Daniella has just left, she was over to pick up a document and brought me a super moist home-made chocolate cake, bliss on an empty stomach, and not having eaten for days I can for once gorge without putting on weight!

Yes, the fixed line does ring but inevitably the calls are from gas or electric companies offering me a new contract, that I do not want, and will not even consider, Internet companies that try to fool me into believing using the only form of technology available here they can dramatically improve my connection speeds. or a marketing executive trying to sign up accommodation businesses for an accommodation website linked to a rather too oft spoken about budget airline…. By the time of this call I lost the plot, politely informing the caller that the owner was on indefinite holiday and I firmly believed even on ‘her’ return would not be remotely interested in advertising and ‘she’ hates the airline!  Now that was all done on my part calmly and to much satisfaction.

Anyway on a positive note I am off to BRUSSELS on Wednesday.  ENIT, the Italian tourist board are hosting a meeting for tour operators and buyers in conjunction with the Brussels holiday fair, and having circulated an offer to attend, it seemed to me to be too good an opportunity to miss, so I booked up a swish hotel and am preserving my strength, sorting out publicity material and preparing to go.

A direct flight from our local airport of Perugia, now aptly renamed San Francesco di Assisi takes me in just under two hours to Brussels, a city to my shame I have yet to visit.  I have also had many guests from Belgium and Brussels area so the trip maybe a chance to meet up, who knows it would be real nice.


On hot figs

A beautiful morning here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House deep in the tranquil Umbrian countryside sees my friend Anne out early picking figs.

Whilst the guys have a leisurely breakfast on the terrace, Anne who flew in last night to nearby Ancona airport on a direct flight from Stockholm is already hard at work under the shade of the large fig tree collecting the juice ripe fruit, yes, it seems I will be making marmalade once again today.

As those of you who have stayed at Bellaugello will know the tree is old, very large and majestic and laden with fruit.  It usually fruits twice a year.  The first fruits ripen in late June early July and are those wonderously large pendulous erotic figs, plump, juicy, warm, heavy in the hand, firm but at the same time supple, a delight, a real good mouthful.  The second crop generally ripen in late September and are somewhat smaller and to my mind far less erotic or sensual, but still delicious.

This year we had a cold snap in early April and the tree lost all of its fruit.  At the time the fruit were small, the size of a pea, one morning the tree was full, the next zero.  There were no figs, July came and went no fruit, I thought that there would be no fig marmalade this year, a shame as the marmalade which I serve at breakfast is so loved by guests.  However by sheer determination and despite the chronic water shortage the tree is now heavy with fruit.

However the tree came good.  This year it seems we have August figs.  I celebrated the other day with a ricotta and fresh fig cake, today it will be boiling fruit and sugar to make more marmalade.

Reading the newspaper yesterday  I see there is yet another anti-cyclone on its way from north Africa, the temperature is set to rise again to almost 40˚c  it will be hot work making marmalade…..


Yesterday was another glorious day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House near Gubbio in Umbria, Italy, a day for lying by the pool and working on an all-over tan.

The sun shone in a blue sky studded with fluffy cumulus clouds which scurried on the gentle breeze.

What surprised me was that the newly installed Solar Panels which sit on the roof of the agricultural store reached 147 degrees c !!!  They heat all the hot water for the house at Bellaugello Gay B&B and next year will pour surplus energy into the swimming pool – thus extending the open season for the swimming pool.

I have installed six vacuum sealed solar panels manufactured by Kloben and they feed into a 1500 litre hot water tank, thus there is sufficient hot water for every guest to be showering at the same time and me still to be washing plates in the kitchen – or showering too!

In line with my eco-awareness the solar panels also feed into the house heating system, all of which is floor heating by hot water, and my plumber assures me that the panels will be sufficient to heat my house and two suites unaided…. I will let you know, however what is certain is that they will augment the heating by our wood and pellet boiler for all the guest house throughout the winter.

Thinking of intense heat led me to think about the SAUNA which is now in the advanced stage of planning.  Finally I have found a wood burning sauna stove in Germany which meets EU regulations and can be shipped to Bellaugello.  We are hoping to start work on the sauna decking and construction of the wooden house that will house the sauna the first week in October to have the sauna operational by the beginning of November.

We are planning to offer weekend sauna packages.  With flights on Ryanair from London Stanstead on Friday, Sunday and Monday and easy access from Rome and Florence, we will be offering two nights sauna package, accommodation, dinners and sauna from Friday evenings, check our special offers for details

Last Minute……. a Quicky

I was in Perugia today lunching with a good friend,  and afterwards lazily wandering down the Corso Vanucci people watching and window shopping in the warm sunshine when a leaflet was thrust into my hand…

It seems that the Umbria Wine Festival is about to take place in Perugia.

On 24 & 25 April the winegrowers of Umbria are presenting their new wines at the beautiful Chiostro di San Pietro.

“Le cantine dell’Umbria presentano i loro vini e le nuove annate.  Chiostro di San Pietro, Facolta di Agraria, Perugia 24 e 25 Aprile”

For an entrance fee of €10.00 you get a free glass and the chance to sample some of Umbria’s finest wines over two days from 11am to 9pm.  I know it is short notice, but if you have nothing planned for that weekend where better to spend it than in Umbria, staying at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast, and in Perugia sampling fine wines.  Rest assured that’s what I will be doing – need to have sampled the best wines available for guests this summer!!!

Check out the link to the wine festival site: Umbria Wine Festival , check Ryanair flights to Perugia and come and stay at Bellaugello!

Gubbio – L’Albero di Natale

The mist and light drizzle gave a Wagnerian feel to the switching on of the World’s Largest Chriatmas Tree, here in Gubbio last night.  The town was packed as crowds poured in to witness the annual spectacle.  Fireworks exploded into the Turneresque sky, way up in the campanille of the Palazzo dei Consoli a brave band of men tolled the great bell which heralded the switch on, all to tremendous applause.  As the mist cleared and the spectacle of the tree slowly came into view

fireworks herald the switch on of the xmas treePalazzo dei consoli lit by the treeThe Christmas Tree towers above the Piazza Grande in GubbioThe bell being rung by foot at the switching on of the Xmas TreeGubbio dwarfed by its Christmas TreeThe Tree

The tree remains lit until the middle of January, and Bellaugello gay and hetereofriendly guest house still has a few vacancies during that period, Ryanair a few seats from Stanstead to Perugia, so why not come out and see the tree for yourselves..

Aeroporto San Egidio Perugia

Yesterday afternoon I drove Tom down to Perugia San Egidio airport for his flight back home to Herefordshire with Ryanair on their flight to London Stanstead.  The car park was very busy, we surmised on account of the building works at the airport, they are building a new terminal, and enlarging the apron it’s going to be very smart.

Perugia airport is an easy half an hour by car from Bellaugello with regular flights to Barcelona, Milan and London.  It is one of those delightful regional airports that are small and convenient, and much more stress free than the large multi terminal airports.  The check in was a dream, the girls at the desks, bright and cheery, and soon Tom was through to the departures gate.

I am sorry to see him go.  Tom had been here four weeks, and become a real part of the team and a great guy to have around.  He threw himself into a routine of early starts, heavy work through the morning, chillin’ afternoons and convivial evenings.  He has helped enormously and certainly got many jobs done that otherwise would have been ‘put off for later’  The pictures of his work in the greppo clearing some of our abandoned olive trees bear witness to some of his labours.

Bold Tom tackling the jungleWhose the poser????Free at last!!looking promising for a good harvest

Circuit 2009 Barcelona

This year’s week long gay festival in Barcelona has just drawn to a close and guys are filtering back home,  and here to Bellaugello for a well deserved chill and rest after the frenetic round of parties and discos.

Circuit is a mix of sport, art and of course big partying including a massive water park party with over 30 celebrity djs in many venues all over the Spanish city.  Check out the official video on Utube:

Ryanair has regular flights from Barcelona to Perugia, which have even in the height of the summer been going for extrordinarily cheap rates, making a two centre holiday  here at our gay guest house in Umbria, and  the city of Barcelona or the beach resort of Stiges really easy.

Good Morning!

I awoke to sun streaming through the bedroom windows, the gentle gyrations  of the cement mixer, and the distant rumble of a tractor ploughing down in the valley.  Another day has started early here at Bellaugello, my gay guest house in the sun.

Yesterday morning thanks to Ryanair Tom arrived here safely and on time off the flight from  London Stanstead direct into Perugia San Egidio Airport.  I am delighted to welcome him to Bellaugello, and look forward to jointly tackling some of the heavy undergrowth below the house and preparing land round the olive trees for this autumn’s harvest.

Had to post these pictures, it is just so lovely here this morning,

morning has brokensun on the house

Have a good day and speak to you later,