A few views of Bellaugello Gay Country House taken yesterday. You see the west terrace, a glimpse of the vegetable garden, and in the distance the Apennines, Monte Subasio and of course the river Chiascio which we overlook from the terraces here at Bellaugello. ┬áToday spring is certainly in the air.

It had to be done, or at least according to J it had to be done… A cloudy day, had meant no sunbathing at the side of our infinity pool here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm for one of our guests to go for an after dinner dip […]

An invitation from my good friend Ben to travel down with him to Rome for a day’s sailing on our good friend Adolfo’s boat meant rare escape for me from Bellaugello Gay Guest House. We set off in tandem, two cars in parallel down the superstrada and this morning stocked up on goodies for a […]