Oh really?

Up early this morning, routine: – let dogs out – bathroom – pot of tea (man needs to be hydrated!) – check emails – rub sleep from eyes – turn on BBC radio 4 – turn on shower – read emails… surely, it cannot be true… in the work box an email entitled ‘exquisite present’

This is the first time such a title is in the header box, yippee, unexpected delight!!

However with an Australian IP address I open the email only very cautiously to discover its contents.  Naturally hoping at minimum for a gift of a lifetime supply of vintage Krug,  a cluster of yellow diamonds or at the very least a trip by private jet to holiday on Roman Abramovitch’s yacht ‘Eclipse’, instead I discover that Bellaugello Gay Guest House email box has finally hit the hetero radar and is now being targeted by sellers of Viagra……

Ouch! such bitter disappointment!