Another engagement at Bellaugello

They kept it quiet, so quiet, even I did not know until this evening when I received a delightful email from a couple of fantastic guys who, a couple of weeks ago officially got engaged here in the delightful romantic setting of Bellaugello.

I am so chuffed they chose Bellaugello Gay Guest House to affirm their commitment to each other.  They are really splendidly lovely  guys. Together with all the team I wish them every happiness.  LOVE IS IN THE AIR

Another fine view

Temperatures here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House are still hot!  It might be September but the sun is still shining the days are warm, yesterday afternoon  32˚c in the shade, and guys are making the most of our infinity pool as this picture of a recent guest enjoying the view shows.


E ancora un altro……….

Per me, sembra che i ragazzi pensando costantemente di nuovi pose da inserire nella serie di ‘Bellaugello Backs’

Grande!! sono veramente contento!!

This afternoon at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, another new pose in the ‘Bellaugello Backs’ series

Gotta be a pool day

Hot Sunshine, Azzure Sky, faintest Breeze, Great Guys, and a Swimming Pool at 26˚…

It’s gotta be Bellaugello Gay Guest House….