Change of taste

It was really strange but the last few weeks I have been having terrible food cravings for British or at least food that I ate back in Scotland
Now don’t get me wrong here in italy the food is second to none and I am fortunate at Bellaugello Gay Guest House to have many wonderful suppliers and markets. Also it is not that I ate badly in Scotland or noshed on junk food but I have had these cravings
So I hit the most cosmopolitan supermarket in my local and beautiful town of Gubbio and Lo and behold I found Heinz tomato soup SunPat peanut butter sweet popcorn and several other goodies.
Back home I heated up the can of tomato soup and waited for childhood memories to return, but no; it tastes different not at all as I remember somewhat disappointing Now I’m wondering whether the other foreign goodies will also have changed
A lot has changed in ten years most probably my taste!