Oh dear time for a rant!

How they just hate giving one receipts
My accountant quite correctly insists that when shopping I ask for a tax/vat/iva receipt that is at least for business expenses
Now you would think that here I italy that would be the simplest thing ever. After all by law all stores have to give one a receipt. But no they give you a non tax receipt. To get said tax deductible piece of paper you first have to register with the store and then they request a minimum purchase. So if I buy one geranium costing €2.50 to put in a pot to make a windowsill nice then under their rules I cannot claim the tax so I end up being unable to claim tons of small amounts.!
Worse still is that several stores which have bonus or loyalty cards will not let you use them if you need a tax receipt…
WHY?? doesn’t every transaction involve a tax element?
And even more aggravating and pointless is that you invariably have to go to another part of the store for your receipt and wait
This afternoon shopping 9 minutes queue at checkout 8 minutes waiting time at customer service desk 19 minutes. Tax reclaim €1.03 time spent to spend €30 36 minutes……
and they wonder why Italy is in such a mess!