Pure Radio

A crisp frosty morning, and I find myself with a desire to return to bed and listen to the radio.  Fed up with listening to the radio on my Apple computer – I love the computer but dislike the tinny sound, I decided to dig out my Pure Digital Radio that I bought six years ago when living in Scotland.

Both RAI the state broadcaster and Mediaset (Berlusconi’s) have made a big song and dance about last month’s big digital switch on in Umbria.  I mean honestly do I really want to watch scantily clad girls drape themselves over elderly male anchormen in 1960’s style in greater clarity? – for that is it seems all Italian TV can produce, anyway stupidly I thought that six years after I was listening to digital radio in Scotland I might finally have the pleasure of doing the same here, but NO.  A search by the radio brought up absolutely zero DAB channels, and a search on the internet a lengthy list of television stations but it seems that none of the few radio stations that broadcast here in Umbria are broadcasting in Digital, so it is back in the box for the Pure and to work for me!