Morning visitor

Snow arrived late last night and for the first time this year it stayed.  All be it there is a mere smattering but the ground glistened, sun sparkling in the icy crystals, and great reflections in the swimming pool here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

Snow at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy

The day is cold and crisp,snow at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast in Italy

and until Jenny started barking, remarkably quiet,snow and mist seen from the terrace of Bellaugello gay resort in Umbria, Italy

So just what was it that was breaking the silence?

Jenny barking at a porcupine, an early moring February visitor at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy

My Iris devouring porcupine or istrice, not a beast to argue with…a porcupine at the door in February, Bellaugello Gay Accommodation, Umbria, Italy, EuropeTo you it might look cute and cowering, but it is a spunky creature and guilty or its relatives are, of eating my iris collection.  Jenny was right to give it short shrift.

Away with you... a porcupine at Bellaugello gay guest house near Perugia, Umbria, tuscany, Italy


Having seen this morning the wonderful frocks at last nights Oscars I wonder if porcupine quills would make a suitable adornment for an Oscar frock next year, better use for an iris eater  lol



CAUGHT…. if only on camera!

One by one then two by two over this winter they have steadily been disappearing, and whilst I have suspected who the culprit was until today I had no proof but now..

Caught at last, alas only on camera the Istrice that has steadily been devouring all of my iris bulbs in the garden at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.The Istrice, the culprit who has eaten all the Iris bulbs at Bellaugello Gay guest House Umbria, near Florence and Rome, Italy

Three years ago as part of the initial scheme of the garden I planted several clumps of iris bulbs.  Now I adore irises, I grew them in my garden in Scotland and was thrilled to see they thrive here in Umbria, except of course when they are fodder for wild beasts.  Usually if the corms get a chance to mature for three years then they are safe, but it seems not in this case, for although there was a wonderful display and the irises had clumped up well, thanks to the rapacious Istrice there are now none.  The iris walk I planted was blues and purples, I wanted to expand the colours to yellows, chocolate browns, maroons, lavender and multi-coloured ones, but had only got the catalogues out when the existing plants began disappearing.  Luckily I have made contact with a keen gardener in Perugia who will be thinning out her iris bed and has offered the excess corms to me as a gift.  It is back to the beginning again, small plants and no flowers, and a fence, but in the future there will be irises in the garden at Bellaugello.

DSCN3486There is a story of an ancient farmer’s wife here in the valley who was troubled by the Istrice eating her crop of potatoes.  One day, and unaware of the situation a neighbour called in to enquire as to whether the farmer’s wife was happy with the yield and flavour of her potato crop to be told that she had no idea just how the potatoes tasted or how many kilos the seed potatoes yielded as they had all been eaten by the porcupine.  However she then went on to say that spit roasted potato fed porcupine was rather a delicate and flavorsome meat!

Don’t worry I have no intention of trying out iris fed porcupine!