Andrea Bocelli – so near so far

Trying belatedly to get into the Christmas spirit – festive not alcoholic, I’m feeling really irritated today.  I looked online to see where the Christmas Carol Concerts are being held in the region.  Nothing like a good sing-song and a bit of mistletoe and holly to get me feeling festive.

To my annoyance I discovered that last Thursday 19 December Andrea Bocelli was leading a carol concert in the splendid and appropriate setting of the Upper Basilica of San Francesco in nearby Assisi, and I knew nothing about it and have missed it.

Logically living in the commune I have been following the events programme for my local town of Gubbio.  Somewhat depressingly uninspiring, the programme lists events such as  a cooking course, a taste and sample of local delicacies – but only for those staying in the town one night minimum and on presentation of a ticket, naturally the “Christmas Market in the Piazza Grande” and tonight (previsto) a concert under the tree at the church of San Domenico.  This information being circulated to operators as early as the 18th. of December, well in time for us to do our marketing and bring in tourists in their droves….Gubbio - the Christmas market, Piazza Grande 2013No, it’s not a shed sale…

Such is the strange ways of tourism promotion in this part of Italy that each town publicises only their own events and pays no attention whatsoever to events in neighbouring cities, towns or villages.  What stupidity, why not share and jointly promote?  I know many of you guys would have loved to have stayed at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and travelled the scenic route to hear Bocelli sing in nearby Assisi.  Alas you and I have missed Bocelli, so near yet so far.

So I will listen to a recording of the concert and tune into Raiuno on Christmas day at 12.25.