Magical misty morning…….

One of the delights of my life here in Umbria at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, rather surprisingly for those who know me well, are, early mornings.  I just love waking up and seeing misty rolling clouds hanging in the valley below.  To me it is like having slept on a magic carpet, or in the cosseted first class cabin of a Zeppelin, the sun shines, the skies above are clear, bright, clean, azure and below, fluffy billowy clouds cling to the treelined valley slopes

Here at Bellaugello we are busy preparing for Easter weekend. As always a mix of tradition and modern.

This friday evening, in time honoured tradition at sundown in the beautiful nearby medieval city of Gubbio a mysterious chanting is to be heard, heralding the “Procession of the dead Christ”

I find the procession which is a veritable spectacle, both enthralling and at the same time somewhat sinister.  By the presence of so many good citizens from Gubbio it is undoubtedly one of the most important festivals for the city.

The city of Assisi, a delightful 40 minutes scenic drive from Bellaugello, made famous by S Francesco or St Francis, the good man who befriended animals and together with Assisi’s other but less famous saint, S Chiara or St Claire led and avowed simple pure life, is now a bustling high end international tourist destination.  Not only for the clergy, priests are a plenty in Assisi, but also pilgrims and visitors from all over the world who come to share the Easter message and marvel at the Giotto frescoes in the Basilica.

All around in Umbria there is a festive feeling and we at Bellaugello join in another tradition started in more recent times by good neighbours of our here in the valley, who as always, invite us, and all of our guests to a family lunch party and painted Easter Egg rolling.

Lunch is always a large affair, with family, and lots of friends. Guys staying at Bellaugello are asked to bring a dish or item from their home region to go along with our hosts’ organic produce, and so commences a wonderful friendly and utterly delicious international lunch party..

Signs of spring

The sun is shining, here today in Umbria in the shade it may still be cool, but in the sun at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it is wonderfully warm, and as the picture of Edo’s almond tree shows the blossom on the fruit trees is just beginning to burst forth.

We still have a few suites available for the Easter weekend, so why not come and join us at Bellaugello Gay B&B  and participate in the festivities here in Valdichiascio, our local valley.