Marco phoned yesterday with an urgent request.  He was in a mood plough land, any land, no matter how insignificant he needed to plough.  He had ploughed his fields and was looking for any piece of land to plough.

So late yesterday he arrived on his big red tractor at Bellaugello Gay B & B and proceeded to drive down impossibly steep slopes to our orto or vegetable garden.

To keep the Istrice out I had fenced the vegetable garden which is now on the southernmost terrace below the house and by simply removing a small section Marco manouvered the tractor and ploughs  into the vegetable garden.  Result beautifully turned earth which now has to rest for a few days before I get to work with the rotovator.

A luck-penny arrived on the tractor in the shape of several artichoke plants grown by Sergio another neighbour here in Valdichiascio who has the most perfect orto.  They are heeled in and will be planted shortly, our own artichokes, brilliant.


A busy day gardening here at Bellaugello gay guest house.  We have been re-fencing and digging over the vegetable garden (orto).  It was always envisaged to have our vegetable garden on the lowest south facing terrace below the main house and now it is really taking shape. Fencing is necessary to keep out the istrice (porcupines) who absolutely adore all bulbs, tubers, and beans.  The istrice wander freely here are splendid to see but very irritating when they decide to feed on our produce.

We use the lunar calendar to determine when we seed and plant, so tomorrow all being well we will be planting onions and garlic.  The beans and peas wait until 16th January.