l’Ultimo del’Anno 2012

For what is probably my last post of 2012 a few photos to let you share the views at Bellaugello Gay Guest House which is bathed in glorious sunshine at the end of December 2012Reflections on the infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast, Umbria, Italy DSCN3373 xmas tree DSCN3375 DSCN3383

It really is a fabulous place to be!  Happy New Year to ALL, hope to see you here in 2013

Yes, I’m still here

Hello, I’m still here.  No, It’s not the alcohol or over indulgence of the festive period to blame, it is my lack of understanding of the new Apple software which seems to make life more complicated posting photos nigh on impossible.

I am loathed to post without pics of the beautiful days here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria.  I have not written for a bit ‘cos I am having problems uploading photos, the file sizes are simply too big and are swamping my blog programme.  Now to boot I have lost the cable to connect the camera to my computer, so alas no pics.

In the meantime please take my word for it the sun is shining, the sky is cloudless, the evenings are cool and crisp, and mornings beautifully frosty.  I am busy with our New Year’s Eve Houseparty, lots of fun and chatter, and in between times I am still blowing and raking up cascades of fallen leaves..

Capodanno 2011

As promised in my last post a selection of photos from our New Year’s Eve / Capodanno Houseparty here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy.

Following our cenone, Marco turned up the music and all danced until midnight, when the New Year was brought in with a Prosecco toast. Brunch on 1st. January was taken in the sunshine  on the terrace!

With many thanks to Paolo and Fabio for the great photographs



Here at Bellaugello we are in the final stages of planning our Christmas and New Year Houseparties.

For both Christmas and the New Year celebrations we will be offering a four night half board packages, including celebration dinners on Christmas day and New Year’s Eve.  Bellaugello is our home in rural Umbria where we welcome guests.  Our packages run on houseparty lines with everyone dining together at one table,  and include an evening of local culinary specialities and local wines, a trip into Gubbio to visit the ‘World’s Largest Christmas Tree‘ a chance to soak up the local atmosphere, visit the markets and nativity scenes, and a murder mystery dinner, and of course our Finnish Sauna will be hot!

In order to have everything run smoothly we are looking for a couple of guys to come and work alongside us for the holidays.  Some previous experience in the hospitality industry is an advantage, work will be in all areas of our operation and whilst it will be hard work, from waiting at table to lighting fires, cleaning, and kitchen duties,  you will be expected to join with the guests at the festivities whilst at the same time helping ensure all our guests enjoy warm houseparty hospitality and excellent service.

It may well suit guys on university break or someone looking for a change of scene and a challenge.  The universal language here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House seems to be English, although we have guests from all over the world, and of course a rudimentary knowledge of Italian is a great advantage.

If you think you might be interested and would like to find out more then please drop me an email with a bit of background about yourself also stating why you would like to join our team and we can take it from there…  Bellaugello e-mail Link click here