I couldn’t get out! there was no way the car would make it through a meter of snow up on the hill above Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse, here in snow bound Umbria, central Italy.  Although the snow is not particularly thick it has been wind-blown and as you can see from my last post the road […]

Here at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse in Umbria, Italy  the fires are lit, the heating is on, there is food in the larder, the sauna stove is burning merrily and there is yet more snow. I did think to go shopping this afternoon, sort of planned to be one step ahead in case we got blocked […]

A couple of guys from Germany driving here to Bellaugello Gay Guest House told me on arrival that they had come through snow! I really did not believe them, I know it has been turning cooler here in Umbria, however snow was the last thing on my mind.  Well it seems they were referring to […]