I’m still here and so is the sun

No writing, no blogging of late, it seems I have been on strike, not true.  It is not that I have not hd anything to say, it is just that I have been demoralised, and felt rebellious and thought not to blog for a bit.

For the past six years blogging has been a significant part of my life here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, recounting the stories of my daily life, the things an people I come into contact with, trials, tribulations, highs, lows and above all the odd rant or two.  So it is with a bit of arrogance I signed off for a few weeks.

I am now concerned that I have let my regular readers down.  At no time in my blogging history have there been such breaks, I usually post two or three times a week, people follow my jottings, and I am on  guilt trip that my readers have had nothing to laugh at, and Google might have overlooked me.

What you cannot over-look with out being amazed is the view over the infinity swimming pool at Bellaugello…The infinity pool at Bellaugello May 2015

Early this May morning the mist lingers in the Chiasco valley, small wisps break off and float lazily skywards, the water brilliant azure, the sky cloudless Infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria

Tempting, very tempting….

over the infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Country House, near Tuscany, Italy

Come join us, keep watching this space, I will be writing more soon

Another fine view

Temperatures here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House are still hot!  It might be September but the sun is still shining the days are warm, yesterday afternoon  32˚c in the shade, and guys are making the most of our infinity pool as this picture of a recent guest enjoying the view shows.


What a view….It could be YOU….. LAST MINUTE BREAK offer

The weather here in Umbria at Bellaugello Gay Guest House continues to be hot.  Uninterrupted sunshine, today 36˚c in the shade, so the guys are making good use of our 15 meter salt treated infinity pool

The weather is forecast to stay hot for the next few weeks, we are fully booked the first week in September but have just received a cancellation for the Giardino Suite – our wonderful south facing duplex with private terrace and outdoor shower, which is now available from tomorrow 25th. August until departure 30th August, hurry, be the one to book and take advantage of a last minute discount! call Alec on +39 075 920 374

On hot figs

A beautiful morning here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House deep in the tranquil Umbrian countryside sees my friend Anne out early picking figs.

Whilst the guys have a leisurely breakfast on the terrace, Anne who flew in last night to nearby Ancona airport on a direct flight from Stockholm is already hard at work under the shade of the large fig tree collecting the juice ripe fruit, yes, it seems I will be making marmalade once again today.

As those of you who have stayed at Bellaugello will know the tree is old, very large and majestic and laden with fruit.  It usually fruits twice a year.  The first fruits ripen in late June early July and are those wonderously large pendulous erotic figs, plump, juicy, warm, heavy in the hand, firm but at the same time supple, a delight, a real good mouthful.  The second crop generally ripen in late September and are somewhat smaller and to my mind far less erotic or sensual, but still delicious.

This year we had a cold snap in early April and the tree lost all of its fruit.  At the time the fruit were small, the size of a pea, one morning the tree was full, the next zero.  There were no figs, July came and went no fruit, I thought that there would be no fig marmalade this year, a shame as the marmalade which I serve at breakfast is so loved by guests.  However by sheer determination and despite the chronic water shortage the tree is now heavy with fruit.

However the tree came good.  This year it seems we have August figs.  I celebrated the other day with a ricotta and fresh fig cake, today it will be boiling fruit and sugar to make more marmalade.

Reading the newspaper yesterday  I see there is yet another anti-cyclone on its way from north Africa, the temperature is set to rise again to almost 40˚c  it will be hot work making marmalade…..

Reflections…. peace perfect peace

A picture tells a thousand words, so just a few from me this morning to say that once again the sun is shining here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, central Italy.

Last night we dined on the terrace, the evening was utterly still, all around hardly a breath, silence, just the voices of guys swapping stories and exchanging ideas under a bright star filled inky blue sky.

By the power of email arrived from a couple of regular guests here at Bellaugello a selection of photos for the “Bellaugello Backs” section of my blog.  Although repeat visitors and whilst his partner was the inspiration for the series, this guy has not yet yet been posted on the “Backs”  and the selection of photographs sent make the decision real difficult, they are all so good, so I post two to give you a flavour of the quality of the photography and so you can enjoy the stunning view !

Lazy sunday afternoon……

Here at Bellaugello Gay guesthouse in Umbria, central Italy the weather continues to be wonderful, hot, sunny, light breeze, ideal for lazing at the poolside or taking a dip in our salt treated naturally chlorinated infinity 15 meter swimming pool, soft on the skin and easy on the eye…

In piscina o fuori della piscina?

Un altra bella giornata qui a Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse,  l’acqua della piscina è a 30˚, un altro “Bellaugello Back”,  ma il ragazzo sta in piscina o fuori dalla piscina?

Per questa serie di foto sembra che sta diventando rapidamente la moda a flettere i bicipiti e sollevare il corpo 🙂