Insanity… how do they justify it???? seeing cyan, yellow, magenta and black

Oh my blood is boiling, an angry rant.

Yesterday I went to Perugia to buy a new lightweight vacuum cleaner to use in our daily cleaning here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  There is a large electronics store where I purchase many of my electrical goods and I found a super sexy lightweight upright Miele cleaner.  As well as irons, washing machines, electric cheese graters and a dazzling array of flat screen televisions all now ginormously too large to fit into any room I have here at Bellaugello – Cinema al’aperto anyone?  the store also sells computers and computer accessories.

Last year I bought an Epson multi function printer, copier and fax machine.  It is a nice machine, I paid about €160.00, thought by buying a relatively expensive machine the supplies would be reasonable…


I do quite alot of printing, and over time have had to buy several replacement ink cartridges.  A full set of Epson inks costs €72.00!!!!!  Recently I tried cartridge lookalikes, cheaper (just), but the machine is canny and does not recognise the cartridge and will not print so I have to buy Epson ink – in packs of six.

In the store yesterday browsing and drooling over the new Mac laptops I wandered lazily down the isles displaying printers where I spotted the updated model of my wifi printer on sale at €69,99 THAT’S CHEAPER THAN THE REFILS……..

HOW, WHY?  what a scam… mean to say that you really want me to buy a new printer every time the ink runs out? it makes economic sense but to me no sense at all I am LIVID seeing RED!