Over this summer guys staying here at Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast have been styling the dinner table. We serve dinners three evenings a week, no there is no fixed night, we just try to coincide with new arrivals and spread the evenings over the week.
Standards of table settings have been really high, and inventive, guys given free reign to plunder the garden and use accessories from our dining room, and many stylish settings have evolved.
Of course when the sun is still hot and the pool has its draw I am left to dress the table myself. Last night was one of those rare occasions when under the watchful eye of one of my guests I set to work.

Monica, my great friend and with whom I share the cooking here at Bellaugello had exactly the same idea of a theme for the table, she too had spotted the intense blue spiky thistles growing on the roadside and thought of them for the table, armed with the secateurs off I set to harvest the table decoration. Let’s face it we need to make the table look splendid to be a foil to Monica’s divine cooking. Now the guys have been folding intricate napkins, and I too wanted to keep up appearances so I resorted to my ancient copy of ‘Mrs Beeton’s Household Management’ where one finds a myriad of napkin designs. I practiced and settled on a decadent design of which I am pleased.

As usual I posted the above pic onto my Facebook page “Bellaugello Gay Guest House” (- facebook fans do please “like” the page) of the finished table this evening being checked over by two of the guests here at Bellaugello.
One of the comments on Facebook asked what was the design of the napkins called. I reached for my trusty tome to discover that it is known as the “cockscomb”. Fate or what?