At a loss for words……….

I don’t really know if I should post this or not, but after all the blog is a record of the joys, fun, pitfalls, trials and tribulations of my life here in Umbria running Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

Late last night I received a telephone call from my sister in Scotland to tell me that my Mother had died.  Fortunately it was a heart attack – the way to go, quick, the best.

Mother was the ultimate a son could have asked for, even at my ripe old age she remained always there to offer advice and support, and has been one of my staunchest and enthusiastic fans following my blog and posting regular comments under a pseudonym.

The pic is of her taken some years ago whilst we were on a mother-son holiday in Venice, I think it captures her essence very well

Please excuse me if I am an intermittent blogger for a while and take even longer to reply to emails than usual, she would not want me to be sad and mope but get on and harvest those olives and make all necessary preparations for the Christmas and New Year Houseparties which is just what I will be doing.